Learn A to Z of Apache Airflow from Basic to ADVANCE level, deploy workflows & data pipelines using Airflow with Docker

This course includes:
• 6 hours on-demand video
• 18 downloadable resources
• Full lifetime access
• Access on mobile and television
• Assignments
• Certificate of completion
What you’ll learn
• Learn Full In & out of Apache Airflow with proper HANDS-ON examples from scratch.
• Start with the implementation of Airflow core nomenclature – DAG, Operators, Tasks, Executors, Cfg file, UI views etc.
• ADVANCE Airflow concepts, the reason to which isn’t very clear even in Airflow’s Official Documentation.
• XComs, Hooks, Pools, SubDAGs, Variables, Connections, Plugins, Adhoc queries, Branching, Sensors and lots of more….
• Exclusive features – Data Profiling, Charts, Trigger rules, airflowignore file, Zombies, Undeads, LatestOnly operator.
• Create data pipeline of Real-Time case studies using Apache Airflow.
• Codes and Data-sets are available in resources tab. this may save your typing efforts.
• Learn Best practices / Do’s & Don’ts to follow in Real-Time Airflow Projects.
A very basic knowledge of Python are going to be an add-on.
Rest everything on Airflow is roofed during this course with line to line explanations.
“Apache Airflow may be a platform created by community to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.”

Airflow goes to vary the way of scheduling data pipelines which is why it’s become the Top-level project of Apache.

What’s included within the course?

Complete Apache Airflow concepts explained from Scratch to ADVANCE with Real-Time implementation.
Each and every Airflow concept is explained with HANDS-ON examples.
Includes each and every, even thin detail of Airflow.
XComs, Hooks, Pools, SubDAGs, Variables, Connections, Plugins, Adhoc queries, Sensors and much of more….
Include even those concepts, the rationale to which is not clear even in Apache Airflow’s Official Documentation.
Exclusive Features – Data Profiling, Charts, Trigger rules, airflowignore file, Zombies, Undeads, LatestOnly operator.
Learn Best practices / Do’s & Dont’s to follow in Real-Time Airflow Projects.
Build data pipeline of a Real-Time case study using Airflow.
After completing this course, you’ll start working on any Airflow project with full confidence.

Questions and Queries are getting to be answered very quickly.
Airflow codes and datasets utilized in lectures are attached within the course for your convenience.
I am going to update it frequently, whenever adding new components of Airflow.
Who this course is for:
Data engineers who want to deploy their pipelines using Airflow in their company’s projects.
Engineers who want to switch their career from conventional schedulers (Oozie, Luigi etc)
Experienced techies who want to feature a hot & demanding technology in their resume.
Featured review
The lessons were very hands-on and really simple to follow. the trainer clearly explained every lessons with examples. At the highest of the course, learners would have an honest understanding of airflow features and its potential to be utilized within the important world scenarios. Excellent course. i actually enjoyed it. Thanks.

Course content
17 sections • 62 lectures • 5h 59m total length
Architecture Of Apache Airflow
Understanding Directories in Airflow Project
Airflow’s UI Tour
What are Operators
Project – Store Sales Report
Airflow CLI Tour
Executors in Airflow
XComs and Variables (Advance)
Advance Concepts of Airflow
Data Profiling in Airflow
SubDAGs (Advance)
PLUGINS – Creating Custom Components
Trigger Rules, airflowignore file, Zombies & Undeads
Best Practices to follow in Projects
BONUS Airflow Lectures
Created by: A to Z Mentors, Online Instructors
Last updated 2/2021
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