Automate the boring stuff using Simple Java programs. Course combines the facility of Automation and Java Programming

What you’ll learn
• Automation
• Java
• Maven
• Java IO
No Java knowledge is required
No programming experience is required.
Basic computer skills: surfing websites, running programs, saving and opening documents, etc.
This course could also be a fun because of determine the way to use simple Java programs to automate variety of the boring and mundane tasks:
• Automate tasks on their computer by writing simple Java programs.
• Automation of Keyboard and mouse control using Java
• Automation of Sending an email
• Creating a Audio Play list using Java
• Reading and Writing data into an excel file using Java
• Reading from a powerpoint presentation, creating a powerpoint and merging PPTs
• Check URL accessibility using Java
• Reading a pdf and displaying the content
• Search for Strings
• Finding the memory and CPU utilization using Java
The course also covers the below topics keeping in mind the essential level users:

Installation of Java JDK and Eclipse IDE
Few Basic Java Programs and Introduction to Eclipse and Maven
Exporting a Maven project to a jar file and running it via batch
All the code is demonstrated within the Windows environment only.

Who this course is for:
IT professional
Java Developers
Anyone aspiring for innovation and automation
Course content
13 sections • 24 lectures • 3h 5m total length
Contents of this course
Introduction to Java and Eclipse
Basic Java Programs
Robot – Keyboard and Mouse operations
Sending a email
Play music using Java code
Reading and Writing data into an excel file
Reading from a powerpoint presentation and creating a powerpoint
Reading from an online site
Reading a pdf and displaying the content
Search for Strings in files using Java
CPU and Memory Check
Created by: Karthikeyan Dharmaraj, Software professional with 14 yrs of IT Experience
Last updated 11/2020
English [Auto]
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