Learn German A1 vocabulary and grammar with pictures, stories and real life dialogues. Part 2 of A1 Goethe certificate

What you’ll learn
You will learn all the important German A1 grammar and vocabulary
Get more confident in using German and eventually start speaking
Everything you would like to understand to create sentences, ask questions and answer them
Efficiently master important grammar rules (+ tips and tricks the way to remember them easier)
Advance from A1 into A2

Some basic beginner German knowledge is required (This course is a component 2 of my Beginner German course, but it also can be taken as a separate course if you already have some knowledge)

➜ If you’re an entire beginner, please consider participating 1 of my Beginner German Course first. you’ll find it on my instructor profile.

➜ Complete your German A1 education! Pass the Goethe A1 exam. Finally start speaking German! 🙂

Have you always struggled to find out German? Too many rules, exceptions, confusing grammar and too long words?

Don’t worry, because during this course we’ll cover all that during a fun and straightforward way so everyone can follow along and make progress.

➜ What you get:

50+ bite-size lessons which will fit into every schedule
PDFs with exercises and practice materials after each lesson
Instructor with over 50000 happy students on Udemy
Easy and colorful grammar explanations with many examples
Authentic dialogues and real-life situations
Illustrations, videos and animations to form it more fun to observe and learn
Before learning any new grammar lesson, we’ll repeat everything you ought to know before in order that you’ll make certain to possess all you would like to follow along.

If you’re still unsure , inspect the preview lesson available and see if this course would be an honest fit you. If not, you usually have a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. But I doubt you’ll need it 😉

So what are you waiting for? Let’s finally get you speaking German! See you within the course! 🙂

Who this course is for:
If you’re stuck somewhere between a complete beginner and an intermediate learner
If you would like to require the Goethe A1 exam
If you already learned German before, but didn’t get very far, forgot the foremost and need to repeat the fundamentals
If you finished my last course and are hungry for more
Course content
8 sections • 231 lectures • 5h 39m total length
Unit 1 – Der Lebenslauf (Resume)
Unit 2 – Reisen (Traveling)
Unit 3 – Körper und Gesundheit (Body and health)
Unit 4 – In der Stadt (In the city)
Unit 5 – Dienstleistungen (Services)
Unit 6 – Mode und Klamotten (Fashion & clothes)
Unit 7 – Feste und feiern (Parties and celebrating)
Created by: Sandra 11Percent, Making German fun since 2011.
Last updated 1/2021
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976 students

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