Design 20+ Graphics for your Business with a Canva Certified Teacher

What you’ll learn

Discover all the newest features now available with Canva 2.0
Learn the basics of Canva & graphic design while having fun
Build a robust brand identity & a brand style guide for your business
Use Canva to make 20+ visuals you would like to market your business
Discover the way to make a positive first impression with all of your designs

You will need a laptop or personal computer and an online connection. No previous design skills required.
Did you recognize that Canva recently went through a huge update (Sept 2018)?

People now call it Canva 2.0.

I’m sure you would like to find out the newest cool belongings you can do with Canva right? If you are doing , you’re within the right place!

This course is Canva 2.0 ready, meaning it’ll cover all the newest features and functionalities of the platform.

Some of these new features include: publishing your designs directly on social media from Canva, Scheduling social media posts from Canva, creating animated text and GIFs and building simple websites and landing pages with Canva!

Another wonderful thing happened since I launched this course here on Udemy: Canva reached bent me and invited me to become a Canva Certified Creative™ , which may be a select group of Canva certified instructors. This “brand ambassador” status gives me access to new features, but also allows me to speak with Canva on a daily basis, helping me better understand all the subtleties of the platform.

By joining this course you’ll also gain access to a mastermind group on facebook where I publish tutorials and Canva news weekly.

All this probably makes me the right instructor to show you ways to use Canva sort of a pro and become a far better graphic designer.

I strongly believe this course is different from the opposite courses about Canva on this platform

Let me tell you how:

First it’s a Master Course, meaning we’ll enter details to present all the features and functionalities of Canva & Canva 2.0, this excellent and free app which will allow you to make stunning designs in no time! during this course, we’ll dive a touch deeper.

Second, I wanted the course to be as hands-on & practical as possible for you. it’ll not only teach you ways to use Canva, but will assist you develop a brand identity for your business or organization. Your brand identity is indeed the inspiration upon which you ought to build your company’s communication. It includes your mission, vision, audience , personality and core values. we’ll confirm to hide of these fundamentals of graphic design before we start designing.

Then, rather than creating some random graphics to show you ways to use Canva, we’ll start by designing a Brand Style Guide. Of course, we’ll do that with Canva! A brand style guide may be a document that explains how a corporation visually presents itself to the planet . It provides guidelines about the brand , the colour palette, the typography, the imagery style and therefore the tone of voice. In section 4, I’ll show you step-by-step the way to use Canva to make your very own brand style guide. you’ll then use this document during the remainder of the course to make an entire set of visuals which will be useful to market your brand.

Here may be a list of the 20 projects included within the course:

Your brand style guide
A Facebook Profile Picture
A Facebook Cover
An Instagram Quote
A YouTube Thumbnail
A YouTube Channel Art
A Twitter Post
A Twitter Header
A Linkedin Profile Photo
A Linkedin Banner
Some Hero Images for your Blog/Website
Featured Images for your Blog Posts
An Author Photo for your Bio
Custom Letterheads
Custom Enveloppes
Business Cards
A powerful Pitch Deck Presentation (Canva 2.0)
A mini Website to ask people to hitch you on social media (Canva 2.0)
A Landing Page to urge people to check in for your event (Canva 2.0)
Coming very soon:

21. Animated GIFs (Canva 2.0)


By the top of this 7-hour master course you’ll have created a full set of consistent visuals which will actually assist you promote your brand. you’ll have mastered Canva and can be ready to use it to supply any quite visuals you would like within the future, allowing you to save lots of time, money and take your design skills to subsequent level!

Enroll now and let’s get this party started!!

Who this course is for:

Virtual assistants who need to create professional graphics & designs for their clients
Social media managers and visual content creators
Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create a strong brand
Freelancers who want to boost their career on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
Beginner designers and anyone interested in graphic design.
Created by Ronny Hermosa
Last updated 10/2018
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