Design sleek, clean and stylish launcher App Icons for Android and IOS (IPhone) using Illustrator and Photoshop

What you’ll learn

• Learn to style professional, sleek and awesome App Icons
• Design Simple & Cool Android App Icons
• Learn all the IOS App Icon Design guidelines
• Avoid beginners mistakes while desining IOS App Icons
• Export all different sizes of IOS App icons for Ipad and Iphone
• Learn about all the Specs and different sizes of Android & IOS App Icons

Basic Knowledge of Photoshop
Basic Knowledge of Illustrator
Photoshop and Illustrator Installed on their PC or MAC

Added 1 Lecture on Using Adobe Illustrator Assets Panel to urge icon sizes

**MUST have previous knowledge of Photoshop & Illustrator**

If you think that that that designing App Icons is difficult task using Photoshop. otherwise you recognize the basics of Photoshop or Illustrator and wish to form App Icons for your IOS App or Android App; then this course is for you. Thiscourse is All about IOS & Android App Icon Design from basics to exporting all different sizes to support all devices
This course will cover all the do’s and don’ts of App Icon design, you will see plenty of samples of bad and great app icons during this course. you’ll also study all the varied IOS and Android App Icon sizes and specification.
There is whole section on Android App Icon Design during this course. In Android App Icon Design you’ll learn the whole process of App Icon design from Sketching and Ideation to converting it to shapes in Illustrator and eventually generating all the varied sizes for all Android Devices

Course Exercises
→ we’ll design Elegant IOS Mail App icon during this course. you’ll also learn all the technical problems newbies face once they plan to start designing IOS App Icons.
→ you’ll Design two icons for Hydration App and learn the tactic behind it. within the top , you’ll generate all the varied sizes for Android Apps and which size you’re going to undergo Google App Store

I will include all the Resources and PSD files for app icon creation process.

Who is that this course for?

Photoshop Users
App Developers
App Designers
Anyone who wants to launch an app
Now let’s dig in and Take this course to start out out Designing Awesome App Icons in Photoshop and Illustrator

Who this course is for:

Graphic Designers
Novice Designer
UI Designer
Web Designers
App Developers
Anyone who wants to make app icon for his or her own app
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