IELTS Scoring & Editing -15 Band 9 Essays – IELTS Writing Task 2 Preparation: SEE how IELTS Graders score your essays
What you’ll learn
You will Master the 4 essential IELTS Grading Criteria (Band Descriptors) required to form a high score in Writing by watching the scoring process
You will SEE exactly how official IELTS graders will score your Writing Task 2
You will receive 15 pdf downloads of Band 9 level IELTS essays and well as 15 video corrections by a licensed IELTS grader
Upper Intermediate to Advanced level of English – The language required for elite score in IELTS Writing is above Beginner or Intermediate Level English.
Interested in SEEING high level IELTS Writing essays edited and scored with feedback
Need to achieve a high level score on the IELTS exam.
Do you want to ascertain HOW Certified IELTS Graders offer you your scores?
Do you actually need to know how and why IELTS Writing Tasks can actually score a Band 9?
If this is often something that you simply got to SEE IN ACTION, then Welcome to the present Task 2 Editing Course.
Note: This course is for Upper Intermediate and Advanced level English speakers. The Task 2 essays that we are grading are very high level. The vocabulary and grammar is at high mastery levels that are needed for a Band 8.5 or 9 score. I speak quickly as I move through the grading process. confirm you switch the audio up loud enough to listen to as we grade these essays at a traditional fluent pace.

This course is straightforward in nature, but very effective! I purposefully make this course with none fancy video production or amazing presentation. it’s easy to follow along as an IELTS grader shows you ways you receive your score.

This unique course uses 15 pre-written Band 9 essays for Task 2. you almost certainly know that there are 5 different Task 2 Question Types. I even have used all Question Types 3 different times, for a complete of 15 Live Scoring and Editing videos. you’ll receive all 15 Band 9 essays to require with you as reference, also as 15 corresponding videos of Live feedback from the primary sentence of the essay all the way through the last sentence.

I am getting to SHOW you the precise places where the essays meet the 4 Grading Criteria or (Band Descriptors). you’ll SEE every place that scores a 9 for Task Achievement, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Cohesion and Coherence. I means and discuss all of those things intimately . These 4 Grading Criteria are the sole things that IELTS Graders use to offer you your score.

This preparation course is rare because it’s something the IELTS students really MUST study, but these materials are difficult to seek out .

All Written essays and Video edits were created by 2 Certified Cambridge IELTS Graders.
I heard about Landon and this course from one among his students. She said he was the simplest IELTS teachers that she had ever found. and she or he is true . She said that his lessons were so helpful that she ended up scoring an 8.5 band score overall and even scored an ideal score of 9 in two of the sections. the ideas that i’m receiving from him now are things that I even have never heard from anyone before. i’m amazed at the quantity of things I didn’t understand about this test, and the way much time i’m ready to save. So yes, I highly recommend Landon. 8/23/2018

The best A+. If you would like to urge a high score within the IELTS test ,you need to require the courses with Landon. many thanks such a lot for your lectures because it had been extremely helpful. 4/4/2017

I thought it had been important on behalf of me to mention many thanks to your whole team. I scored a band of 6.5 BEFORE I took the last word Writing Task 2 course, and AFTER this courses I took the IELTS exam again and scored a Band 7.5, with a 7 in Writing. Now i’m moving to Manchester, UK in 2 weeks. 2/19/2019

At the top of this course, you’ll have a transparent understanding of the talents it takes to impress the graders for Writing Task 2.

What you get from the course:
Have precise knowledge of all Task 2 question types
How to recognize your question and instantly respond
Importance and Execution of Grading Criteria/Band Descriptors
Exact Structure and Language required to attain a Band 8.5 or 9.
15 pdf downloads of Band 9 Essays to require with you, also as 15 Videos walking you thru the essays from start to end
Confidence in your understanding and skills
Original Video and Written Reference Materials
Lifetime Course Access
Who this course is for:
Students preparing to require or retake the IELTS exam that require to boost the Writing score
For both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Writing
Students who must Master IELTS Writing Task 2
Focuses on Writing Task 2 for perfect Band 9 scores
Most useful for Upper Intermediate – Advanced English ability seeking high score in Writing Task 2
Course content
4 sections • 16 lectures • 4h 53m total length
All 5 IELTS Essay Question Types for Writing Task 2- Set 1
All 5 IELTS Essay Question Types for Writing Task 2- Set 2
All 5 IELTS Essay Question Types for Writing Task 2- Set 3
Created by: Landon Jenkins, IELTS Online Creator of IELTS Online, Helping 1,000s with IELTS Writing
Last updated 5/2020
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395 students

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