What you’ll learn
How to use Design Sketching to draw objects from your imagination
How to draw objects in perspective
Advanced techniques like how to mirror or repeat features in your drawings
How to draw straight lines, freehand!
A pen and paper!
Do you want to urge ideas out of your head and onto the page? does one want to be ready to explore shapes or concepts quickly and clearly? does one want to find out knowledgeable skill set employed by Industrial Designers every day?

Then you’ve come to the proper place!

Drawing may be a learned skill — meaning anyone can learn it, and I’ll show you ways .

In this class, we start from zero — no previous experience required. We’ll re-evaluate the fundamentals and work our high to complex shapes.

Along the way you’ll tend plenty of exercises designed to create motor memory , train technique, and increase your comfort level.

Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:
Industrial Design Students
Engineers, architects, concept artists, or other creatives looking to feature to their toolbox
Anyone who wants to find out the way to draw from their imagination
Course content
10 sections • 43 lectures • 6h 50m total length
Constructing Primitives
Box Deformations
Sketching Toolbox
Drawing Cast Shadows
Comprehensive Demos
Featured review
Dinesh Singh
49 courses
6 reviews
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
4 months ago
I’m on the halfway through this course but I can say it’s one among an excellent course to find out perspective, product and a kind of commercial design. Chris knows what he teaches and features a great sense of humour too :D, I can see the development in my lines and drawing. But the reality is, you’ve got to indulge yourself to the limit. Practice, practice and practice…Thanks, Chris!!! 🙏
Created by: Christopher Corrigan
Last updated 3/2019
English [Auto]
8.2 GB

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