Learn how to use Microsoft’s Power BI Tools, including Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro (Service) and PowerBI Developer
What you’ll learn
At the end of this course students will be able to analyse data from different data sources and create their own datasets
Students will be able to comfortably work with the different tools of the Power BI universe and know how the different tools work together
Students will have the required knowledge to dive deeper into Power BI and find out more about its advanced features
For the majority of the course you must have a computer with Windows as operating system
Basic understanding of data analysis is a plus but not required
For multiple modules of this course a work or school email address is required to sign up
[This course was completely updated (= re-recorded) to reflect all the latest Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro (Service) and Power BI Mobile updates that took place recently. Enjoy this 100% up-to-date course]
You want to analyze data from single or multiple sources? You want to create your individual datasets based on these sources and transform your results into beautiful and easy-to-make visualizations? You also want to share your results with colleagues or collaborate on your projects? Finally, you want to be able to access your data from multiple devices?

Then the Power BI tools are the tools to choose for you! In this course you will learn why Power BI offers you a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence tools for your data analysis goals and how to use these tools to fulfill all of the above tasks – and more. Imagine to quickly structure your data, to easily add calculations to it and to create and publish nice-looking charts in just a few minutes.

This is what you will learn:
Get to know the different tools of the Power BI universe and learn how to use them
Understand Power BI Desktop and its components
Learn how to use the Query Editor to connect Power BI to various source types, how to work on the Data Model and understand the difference between those two steps
How to work in the different views of the Data Model
How to create calculated columns and measures
How to build relationships between different tables
How to create a report with different interactive visualization types
Learn how to use Power BI Service (= Power BI Pro) to create dashboards and to share and publish your results
How to access your results from multiple devices using Power BI Mobile
How to create custom visuals using typescript and the Power BI Developer Tools
And more!
This is what this course offers, but is this the right course for you?
If you…never worked with the Power BI tools before have a basic understanding of selected tools of the Power BI universe and want to learn how these tools work together want to understand the latest updated version of Power BI Service, including the newly introduced App Workspaces and the creation and publishing of Apps including your dashboards, reports and datasets
want to understand the basic concepts regarding the creation of customized visuals using the Power BI Developer Tools
then this is the right course for you.I would be really happy to welcome you in this course! Manuel
Who this course is for:
People who never worked with Power BI and who want to understand how to use these tools
Anyone who is interested in learning how to connect the different Power BI tools with each other
People who want to understand how to create customized visuals with the Power BI Developer tools
Featured review
Benefitted a lot from attending this comprehensive course, which deals with data extraction, cleaning and formatting the data, and reporting. It is well paced course, with assignments in between. Also, lecture files are put again, so you can start at any phase without having to start from scratch.
Course content
20 sections • 276 lectures • 23h 38m total length
Introducing Power BI Desktop
Working in the Query Editor
Understanding the Data Model: Data & Relationship View
Creating Visuals in the Report View
Taking the Project to the Cloud with Power BI Pro (Service)
Other Data Sources
How to Stay Up-to-Date in the Power BI World?
Creating Custom Visuals (Power BI for Developers)
Course Round Up
Bonus: Selected Features by Example & Refresher Project
[OLD COURSE MATERIAL] – The “old” Power BI Interface
[OLD COURSE] Getting Started
[OLD COURSE] Exploring Power BI Desktop
[OLD COURSE] An Introduction to the Query Editor
[OLD COURSE] Working on our Data Model: Data & Relationship View
[OLD COURSE] Working in the Report View to Visualize our Results
[OLD COURSE] Power BI Service & Power BI Mobile – How to Continue?
[OLD COURSE] Creating Custom Visuals (Power BI for Developers)
Created by: Manuel Lorenz, Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Last updated 3/2021
English, French [Auto], German [Auto], Indonesian [Auto], Italian [Auto], Portuguese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
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155,627 students

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