A complete course to master latest Laravel 5.4 web framework

What you’ll learn
• Learn core concepts of Laravel PHP framework
• Learn to create world Laravel web apps
• Learn world web programming concepts
Basic Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and PHP is required to finish this course
Don’t grind to a halt learning the old way! Get your hands on the newest Laravel technology with our
Project Course!
Technology is consistently becoming better, changing each second of every minute, so you’d sort of a course which can assist you learn a technology fast. a simple method which can assist you become not only proficient within the basics , but also assist you discover out the way to practically apply these fundamentals within the planet . Well, that’s exactly what we are offering with our Laravel Project Course.
Laravel is that the most well liked PHP framework that’s currently used on the market. thanks to its simplicity, simple use, simplified syntax and tons of other features, PHP continues to dominate the marketplace for PHP frameworks. So, if you’d wish to create some pretty neat and dynamic apps and websites, well then Laravel is probably the framework you’re trying to seek out .
Our Projects in Laravel course can assist you out there. Designed with experts from all around the industry, this course has been created to help bridge the gap between theory and application . you’ll not only learn the fundamentals of Laravel during this course, but you’ll also determine the way to truly put them into application.
That’s not all! additionally to Laravel, our course also includes teaming up Laravel with another state-of-the-art technologies like PostgreSQL, Laravel Mix, Bootstrap, OctoberCMS then much more . So, you’ll not only be learning Laravel, but also other amazing technologies that employment flawlessly with Laravel to make some epic websites and apps.
So, what do i get once you sign up for this course? Fundamentals, an thorough introduction of Laravel, the thanks to install and configure Laravel, the thanks to integrate Laravel with other technologies, and 10 amazing projects that are royalty-free!
Here are the ten different projects that you simply simply will learn during this course:
Basic Website – during this project, you will find out the way to put in Laravel, acknowledged the controller, views, migrations, compile your assets with Laravel Mix and build a basic website.
Todo List – a simple Todo list will assist you understand the thanks to integrate CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality in Laravel.
Business Listing – during this application, you will find out the way to make authentication, add business listings and delete them.
Photo Gallery – Here you will find out the way to make albums and update photos into that album.
REST API – during this you will find out how accept requests to certain routes, update the database, and using items with a reputation and a body. we’ll also build a front-end using JavaScript so as that we’ll make requests to the API.
OctoberCMS Website – an online site built with the October Content Management Systems that’s built on Laravel.
MyTweetz Twitter App – An app integrated with the Twitter API, which may allow you to not only compose tweets, but also publish them.
MarxManager Bookmark Manager – A bookmark manager using the PostgreSQL as our database.
Vue.js Contact Manager – during this project, you will find out the way to create a front-end using Vue.js as a component to work with our contacts within the backend.
Backpack Website With Admin Area – This project will familiarize you with Backpack, a group of varied packages to form different features in You Admin Panel.
So, let’s get this party started! Enroll Now and start building some amazing Laravel projects.Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to seek out out professional Laravel development will find this course extremely useful
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Last updated 12/2018
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