Learn complete python with basics, data science, data visualisation, desktop graphical applications and python for web.

What you’ll learn
• Complete Python.
• Python basics like data-types, loops, decision-makings, file handling, libraries, modules, date-times etc.
• Terminal based programming applications using Python.
• Artificial intelligent Python game.
• Python for desktop applications and GUI programming.
• Creating desktop applications using Tkinter with Python.
• Using databases using Python.
• Turtle graphics for creating graphical applications and motion using Python
• Real working 5+ graphical games using Python.
• Use of keyboard keys to maneuver objects in your applications and in games using python
• learn to create smart calculators and dictionaries using python.
• Datascience and data visualisation using python.
• data visualisation using Matplotlib in python.
• data visualisation using Seaborn in python.
• data visualisation using pandas in python.
• data visualisation using poorly and cufflinks in python.
• data analysis using Numpy and pandas in python.
• geoplotting using python.
• learn to create an automatic plotter for data visualisation.
• learn to create big data analysis project with quite 60million + data using python.
• basemaps using python.
just will to find out and achieve great things.
Are you uninterested in getting videos and lectures on just python basics and syntaxes or simply strucked in college studies and hello world program. so i assume you’ve got to offer a attempt to this course this course is meant after analysing what a student got to study python. After analysing what they required and what they need during a course, how they will easily start any course but didn’t ready to finish it. Now let me explain you ways so this course is meant including all fields of python and for keeping the interest until the last there are literally working games as projects in order that nobody get bored and thereupon everything explained is meant in very simple and straightforward way. just after completing the course I guarantee that each single of you’ll be ready to develop any quite application using python. you’ll learn to make desktop applications and even controlling objects by using keyboard which i assume most of you already want to find out and also python for data science during which you’ll learn to make even globe maps. Now let me explain a number of few topics you’re getting to cover-

1.Python for graphical applications.
2.Tkinter – for building desktop applications and truly interface .
3.Turtle graphics – for learning graphical design using python and to find out controlling objects in computer using keyboard.
4.Databases – for learning that how you’ll store the info of your games, apps and programs.
5.Python for datascience.
6.Numpy – Learn to make data in sort of datasets and analysing data using python.
7.Pandas – to make data frames and analyse them and to visualise data in sort of 3-D graphs and 2-D graphs.
8.Matplotlib – to make data visualisations.
9.Seaborn – to make animated plots.
10.Plotly and cufflinks – to make interactive plots.
11.Geographical plotting – to make global scale plots.
12.Python date and time functions.
13.File handling
14.Controll objects using keys.
15.Creating infinite graphical designs.
16.Functions and methods in python
17.Loops and conditionals.
18.Basics and datatypes in python.

What you’re getting to integrate this course(Better if you see within the preview videos):

1.Caterpillar game with proper interface and keyboard control.
2.Smart calculator – didn’t got to add symbols just give numbers and invite any operation.
3.Your own routine database application with proper intrface.
4.An egg catcher game with graphical interface and keyboard control.
5.your own screen pet with gestures.
6.Match maker project.
7.Robot graphics.
8.Kaliedo spiral and modified kaleidoscope spiral(graphical design).
9.An automatic data plotter with quite 30 sorts of plots.
10.A geographical baseman plot.
11.Big data analysis project(more than 60+ million data).
12.Artificial inteligent Tic Tac Toe(play against computer).
13.A Dictionary.
14.Hangmen game.
15.Dice rolling simulator.

Who this course is for:
Everyone who want to find out python.
Featured review
Great course for anyone wants to start out the journey of python programming from scratch and to accumulate a robust basics to launch forward the planet of success. many thanks for this amazing and straightforward course.

Course content
40 sections • 378 lectures • 32h 7m total length
Installing Python on Mac
Installing Python on windows
Section-1 Basic Python
Data types
Which editor is best for you
Functions and Methods
Errors in python
Decision making
and more…
Created by: Dev Nirwal, Instructer
Last updated 8/2019
English [Auto]
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Rating: 4.2 out of 54.2
(9,071 ratings)
345,390 students

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