Learn how to enhance your game mechanics, micro/macro knowledge, and rank from former LCS coach, NicoThePico.

What you’ll learn
• Boost your ranks
• Properly learn & play your required roles
• Improve game mechanics
• Build good habits & get obviate bad habits
• Learn in-depth on Macro-aspect of the sport

Gaming PC capable of running League of Legends with no lag at minimum 60fps.
League of Legends is that the most well liked video game since 2012 with over 100 million monthly active players and thus the most important eSports scene across the planet with over 100 million viewers. Over the years, professional players have acknowledged the complexity of the game , making it one of the toughest games to seek out out and master. As League of Legends players, we all have skilled the same struggles of learning the game mechanics, roles, meta, and individual champions. However, NicoThePico is here to help united Of Legends.
Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård has been an EU LCS head coach for teams like Origen, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. additionally , Nico also has assisting coaching roles for teams like Banditos (now Misfits), and before that played because the Jungler for Enigma eSports. Currently, Nico is that the top-rated coach on GamerSensei where he has coached over 100 people with 100% of them improving their ranks in no time. On a personal level, Nico has achieved challenger tier on 3 different roles respectively. As a player and coach, Nico are getting to be able to show you perspectives of League of Legends that you simply simply won’t have noticed or ever thought of.

NicoThePico’s League of Legends course will feature the three most significant aspects of the game.

Learning Your Roles
Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support
Early Laning Phase
Mid – Late Game
Game Mechanics
Creep Score (CS)
Wave Management
Team Fights
Time Management
Apply Pressure
Vision Control
Improving Your Rank
Psychology of the game
Guides from Bronze – Challenger
Outside of the three most significant aspects of the game , Nico also will re-evaluate the Rift,
Talking about the objectives of the game that include:

• Top / Bot Jungle Camps
• Rift Herald
• 5 differing kinds of Dragon
• Baron
As another bonus to Nico’s course, you will get a bonus lesson on the thanks to use the Replay Tool on League of Legends. From a training standpoint, Nico believes the Replay Tool is extremely important in analyzing your own and others’ gameplay so on repair your mistakes. Lastly, Nico features a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Leadership, with a stress on Entrepreneurship & Business Management. This played a crucial part in Nico’s success breaking into the eSports scene. Toward the highest of this course, Nico will share his secrets and proposals on how you’ll stand out & forced an entry the competitive eSports scene.
Please enjoy Nico’s course and hopefully you’ll also level-up your game!

Who this course is for:
Beginning players who want to understand a basic knowledge of League of Legends.
Intermediate players who want to seek out out in-depth mechanics and methods of League of Legends.
Expert or competitive players who want to expand their knowledge of areas like Path of professional and game psychology.

Created by LVLUP Dojo, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård
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