Learn how to create and configure UITableViews in iOS Apps using Xcode 10 and Swift 5. Improve TableView knowledge.


What you’ll learn
• UITableView Swift course for iOS Developers * Swift 5 Course
• Useful information and understanding of how to implement a UITableView in your iOS App
• How to Create TableViews from scratch and configure UITableView using Xcode
• Learn How to add actions to TableView cells, how to delete and move rows in your TableVIews
• How to create TableViews with Sections and Index Titles
• Learn How to add Search to TableViews
• How to add Buttons to your TableView Cells and how to create Checklist tableviews
• Techniques of creating custom UITableViewCells and Self-Sizing cells
• How to add images to TableView cells and other useful TableView techniques
• How to create a Countries List iOS App
You need to possess knowledge of Swift programing language before Starting the Course
You need to possess knowledge of Xcode app environment before Starting the Course
A Mac running Xcode 10.2.1 or later
This course covers mostly beginner topics, and a few of the intermediate UITableView concepts
UITableView Swift course for iOS Developers in Swift 5 – a course to find out / improve your knowledge of TableViews

UITableView is one among the foremost popular UI elements in iOS Development. you’ll find TableViews in almost every iOS app. That’s why it’s important to understand the way to create, configure and work with this element.

During this course, you’ll get a transparent understanding of implementing UITableViews in your app. Lessons go one by one showing you ways to make a Countries List iOS app from scratch.

In this course You’ll learn:

How to create a UITableView from scratch using storyboards and xib files and the way to style tableView cells.
Learn How to delete rows from tableView, the way to move rows during a tableView and the way to feature custom actions to your tableView cell.
How to add custom headers and footers to your tableViews.
Learn How to feature sections and indexing to tableViews
How to pass data from UITableView rows to a different View Controller
How to add search and SearchBar to look for items during a Table View
In a BONUS section of the course, you’ll learn even more:
How to add Buttons to your TableView Cells, and to make checkList TableViews.
Learn How to make Self-Sizing TableView Cells
How to add images to your TableView cells and other interesting UITableView stuff
Time to urge more knowledge!

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Who this course is for:
Beginner iOS Developers, who want to find out the way to implement and configure UITableViews in their Apps
iOS Developers who want to refresh their core knowledge of UITableView
iOS Developers interested by UIKit and UITableViews

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