What you’ll learn

  • find out about autocad and how to get unfastened license for students
  • alternate history in autocad
  • draw line and polyline in autocad
  • draw a rectangle and circle in autocad
  • draw a circle and polygon in autocad
  • draw an arc and multi spiral lines in autocad
  • use the offset feature to attract more than one lines in autocad
  • upload text to autocad
  • enlarge strains in autocad
  • learn about extraordinary choice strategies in autocad
  • understand how to use one of a kind f shortcuts in autocad
  • add dimensions in autocad
  • draw the fluorescent image in autocad
  • keep your documents and autosave feature in autocad
  • apprehend how to add layers in autocad
  • transfer and create autocad conventional mode and workspace
  • find out about special electric drawings
  • recognize special lighting situations
  • recognize unique steps of assignment layout
  • understand the requirements of right lighting and its importance
  • research crucial definitions about lighting fixtures
  • understand the indoors design using dialux
  • create rooms in dialux
  • recognize the way to use catalogs of luminaries and upload photograph-metric records
  • learn how to add luminaries to each room
  • realize exclusive lux or lumination required for each room
  • recognize the light scenes and manipulate agencies
  • learn how to do normal lighting fixtures and emergency lighting fixtures
  • discover ways to export dwg and pdf record in dialux
  • recognize how to do the wiring of luminaries the usage of autocad
  • recognize distinction among everyday and electricity sockets
  • understand a way to add sockets in autocad
  • understand a way to do the wiring of sockets
  • apprehend difference among renovation and utilization factors
  • understand distinctive lighting fixtures schemes
  • do block and explode instructions in autocad
  • do flow and scale instructions in autocad
  • do flow and fillet commands in autocad
  • do rotate and mirror instructions in autocad
  • do vicinity calculation in autocad
  • add layers in autocad
  • apprehend extraordinary lighting fixtures schemes
  • do the guide calculation for lights
  • discover ways to do the panel schedule
  • understand the circuit breakers and a way to choose them
  • learn about cables and how to pick them
  • recognize a way to discover the voltage drop and quick circuit evaluation using etap
  • discover ways to draw riser of building and the unmarried line diagram for system
  • additives of fireplace alarm machine
  • sensors and detectors as smoke, heat, multi detector,.. And so on utilized in hearth alarm system
  • outputs of hearth alarm gadget as bell, strobe mild or horn
  • sorts of modules used in fireplace alarm system
  • varieties of fire alarm control panels as conventional, analog addressable, addressable and wi-fi
  • styles of cables used in hearth alarm machine
  • varieties of phone systems
  • components of traditional telephone gadget
  • cables, shops and distinct frames used in phone system
  • components of matv machine
  • sorts of antennas used and frequency
  • matv switches, release amplifier, combiner and extra additives
  • cables used in matv system
  • characteristic of records system
  • information machine outlet and extraordinary styles of cables used
  • patch panel, rack and switches utilized in facts machine
  • digital camera selection in cctv gadget
  • types of camera consistent with fixed or movable, resolution and focal period
  • management of cctv system by using using quadrature, multiplexer, matrix switch and dvr
  • exclusive cables utilized in cctv system
  • additives of sound system
  • sorts of speakers used
  • choice and characteristic of power amplifier
  • characteristic of attenuator, rack and matrix transfer in sound gadget

you ought to have a pc or computer
you have to have a web connection to down load dialux and autocad

“ultimate electrical design route package”
the simplest course so that it will assist you to examine everything approximately distribution structures layout which includes lighting fixtures design the use of autocad and dialux applications, wiring of electrical additives, selection of breakers and fuses, design of single line diagram and riser of constructing, choice of generators, design of earthing systems, light present day systems and more
first direction “basics of autocad” well worth $97

for the duration of the direction you’ll learn:

  • beginning autocad and changing background
  • drawing line, circle, and rectangle in autocad
  • drawing polygon, polyline, and arc in autocad
  • drawing more than one strains in autocad and adding text in autocad
  • extending traces, f-shortcuts, and selection in autocad
  • diminisions in autocad
  • multispiral line and mld in autocad
  • block, explode, flow and scale commands in autocad
  • rotate, reflect, and fillet commands in autocad
  • location calculation and including a layer in autocad
  • drawing a fluorescent lamp in autocad
  • second route “whole electric design drawing the use of autocad dialux and excel“ well worth $197

At some point of the path you’ll research:

  • fundamentals of dialux software
  • information the stairs of electrical layout
  • layout of the lights systems using dialux and autocad packages
  • wiring of luminaries, sockets, and switches in autocad
  • layout of panel agenda for lighting fixtures and power circuits
  • selection of circuit breakers and cables
  • layout of single line diagram of commercial and home buildings
  • 1/3 path “voltage drop, quick circuits evaluation, and earthing systems layout route” worth $197

For the duration of the course you may learn:

  • calculation of voltage drop and short circuit by using guide calculations
  • calculation of voltage drop and brief circuit by etap
  • sizing of an electrical generator
  • impact of current at the human body
  • forms of electric risks
  • category of earthing structures
  • components of earthing structures
  • design and resistance of electrical earthing electrodes
  • layout and resistance of electrical earthing conductors
  • dimension of electrical earthing resistance
  • layout of earthing structures by way of manual calculations and by way of etap application
  • fourth path “entire light present day direction for electrical strength engineering” worth $197

study the fire alarm, matv, smartphone, statistics, cctv, and sound systems for electrical power engineering. What are you going to learn in this course? In fireplace alarm system
components of the hearth alarm device. Sensors and detectors as smoke, warmth, multidetector,.. And many others utilized in a fireplace alarm system. Outputs of the fire alarm machine as a bell, strobe light, or horn. Forms of modules used inside the fire alarm machine. Styles of hearth alarm manage panels as traditional, analog addressable, addressable, and wireless. Styles of cables used within the fire alarm system. In cctv machine
digital camera selection in cctv system. Sorts of the digital camera in keeping with fixed or movable, decision, and focal length. Management of cctv machine through the use of quadrature, multiplexer, matrix transfer, and dvr. One-of-a-kind cables used within the cctv machine. In telephone device
varieties of cellphone systems. Additives of the traditional smartphone gadget. Cables, shops, and extraordinary frames used within the telephone gadget. In information gadget
the function of the statistics gadget. Statistics gadget outlet and exclusive sorts of cables used. Patch panel, rack, and switches used in the data system. In the matv gadget
components of matv machine. Varieties of antennas used and frequency. Matv switches, release amplifier, combiner, and extra additives. Cables used inside the matv system. Inside the sound system
additives of the sound gadget. Kinds of audio system used. Selection and feature of the power amplifier. The feature of the attenuator, rack, and matrix transfer within the sound device. 5th route “whole etap course for electrical engineering” well worth $297
for the duration of the route, we will cover tons of subjects within the etap program, one of the most important packages for electric electricity engineers. You will learn in this course:
drawing sld in the etap application
including components and ratings inside the etap application
a way to do load float analysis in etap
the way to do short circuit evaluation in etap
the way to do the voltage drop calculations in etap
how to do arc flash studies in etap
the way to do temporary balance analysis in etap
definition of harmonics
the way to do harmonic analysis in etap
the way to design earthing structures in etap
the way to simulate pv machine in etap
in case you’ve been searching out one route with in-intensity insight approximately electrical design, take this path. Who this path is for:
electrical engineers
electric engineering students
electrical energy engineers
electrical energy engineering college students
course content material
6 sections • seventy one lectures • 12h 24m total length
electric layout the use of dialux application
fundamentals of autocad for wiring in autocad
relaxation of electrical design manner
voltage drop and brief circuit evaluation
earthing device layout
light contemporary systems route
created by using: ahmed mahdy / khadija academy ,electrical strength engineer
last up to date 1/2021
english [auto]
direct download available
four. 2
(366 ratings)
1,838 students

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